Welcome to the New Website

Welcome to the New Website

Thank you for visiting our new home on the web.


  1. Jeff

    Ted, I am having difficulty accessing any information for members only. Login and it takes me to BMWMOA and no login just for our site. Ie. no access to newsletter etc. Any advice on what I am doing wrong? Thank you , Jeff

  2. Ted Moyer


    Where/how are you trying to access the member area? I click on the “Member Resources” link under “The Members” tab at the top of the page and it takes me to a login screen. If I login as you, I have access to everything. It’s possible we have a broken link somewhere else on the site or an incorrect redirect. Let me know what page you are on or what action you are taking when you try to access the member area and I can take a look.

    Members should see this screen at login to the protected area – https://www.dropbox.com/s/mpv1p8z4l2sfwzg/colorado_login.jpg?dl=0

    And, this screen once they are logged in – https://www.dropbox.com/s/mm3oywv5srxz6se/coloradomembersonly.jpg?dl=0

    All BMW MCC members should be receiving a ‘welcome’ email this week with your username and password to access the new member-only area. You will need that initial password, or you can use the ‘forgot password’ option at the login screen to recover a password.

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