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Board Members of BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado

We are very grateful for our talented and dedicated Board Members & Officers. The Board of Directors consists of the president, the vice president, the secretary, the treasurer, the trustees, and the chairs of ad-hoc committees, including at least the social activities coordinator, the riding activities coordinator, the newsletter editor, the webmaster, the membership coordinator, and the rally master. Elections are held at the regular membership meeting on the second Monday in October. Each elective office is filled by a member 16 years of age or older receiving a majority vote of the members voting.

Michael Kilgore, President

Michael’s personal and professional career has focused on education, safety, and nonprofit organizational development.  He has served the BMWMCC as Vice President and the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America Foundation as Vice President and Board Member.  Michael has been enjoying riding and promoting camaraderie within the sport for over 30 years and rides a K1200 GT.



Mike Szabo, Vice President

Mike’s first motorcycle was a Benelli Buzzer mini bike that he and his brother purchased from JC Pennys and has been hooked ever since. Mike enjoys all types of riding and has completed several Iron Butt Rides, the longest was the Bun Burner Gold; which is 1,500 miles in less than 24 hours.



David Kosak, Treasurer

David has been riding motorcycles since he was 17 years old.  That’s 46 years, please don’t do the math.  David’s background lies in accounting/bookkeeping and he has had his own home remodeling business for 12 years.  He also has experience from AT&T/ Lucent/ Avaya as a project manager, service reports analyst, and business analyst that helps him understand financing the club’s business.



Jan Orr, Secretary

Jan Orr is an attorney practicing in Denver. She has been in Colorado since 2008 and is a lifetime member of the BMWMCC. She was selected to serve as Secretary of the Club for 2017. Jan has enjoyed many events with the Club and is looking forward to serving as Secretary this year.



Carl Thomte, 100,000 Foot Ride | Trustee | Co-Chair Top O’ The Rockies Rally

Carl grew up in S.E. Denver and saved his paper route money for a Bonanza mini with a 4 HP Briggs. That was 1966 and he’s used motorcycles as his prime mover ever since. Over half a million miles and 30 motorcycles later, he’s our 100K Rally Master.



Chris Hughes & Jan Orr, Club Store

Chris, originally from Sante Fe, and Jan, originally from the Chicago area, moved to Colorado over 8 years ago from Florida. They are thoroughly enjoying the lack of heat and humidity. They are lifetime members of the BMWMCC. Chris and Jan took on the Club Store duties in 2016 and are continuing to look for items that will enhance the members enjoyment of their membership in the Club.

Jan Orr is an attorney practicing in Denver. She has been in Colorado since 2008 and is a lifetime member of the BMWMCC. She was selected to serve as Secretary of the Club for 2017. Jan has enjoyed many events with the Club and is looking forward to serving as Secretary this year.



Cathy Catrell, ITW Newsletter | Advertising

Cathy is owner of a local promotional marketing agency called Pop Promotions. She rides an F650GS and is working on her PassBagger 100! She is editor of the In The Wind Newsletter and welcomes your articles and photos about rides and favorite places. Cathy also handles the advertising for the Ride Book and Newsletter.



Cyndi Szabo, Membership

Cyndi, a native of Colorado, has been married to Mike Szabo for 40 years and works as an office manager in a small catholic school in Arvada. She rides a 2014 F800GT .



Randy Bishop, Pass Bagger

Randy started moto-riding at age 17 after he and his brother overhauled a broken down 1956 Cushman scooter and began sport touring on a Honda Super 90 a year later. Since moving to Colorado in 1984 he has traveled all around the state and has completed the Pass Bagger 50, 100 and 150. He has also finished a number of Iron Butt Association rides around the North American West.



John Murakami, Ride Coordinator



Maureen De Jongh, Social Coordinator

Maureen de Jongh originates from South Africa.  She grew up in a family of motorcyclists and rode two u’ with her husband, Michael, until 15 years ago when she purchased her own motorcycle.  She now rides a F700GS, often taking, Fiona, her mini schnauzer along with her.  Maureen owns Blue Chip Benefits, an employee benefit brokerage company.



Matt Baroody, Top O’ The Rockies Chair

Matt has been part of the Club since its inception and has served in every capacity from President to Top O’ The Rockies Rally Chair.



Keren Kilgore, Webmaster | Ride Book Chair

Keren is an editor as well as a web and graphic designer. She owns Lightning Tree Creative Media and has designed this website, many of the Club logos and the Club Ride Book. She rides a 1200RT. Her favorite road is CO 149 because you can go real fast.



Siggi Pfluum, Trustee

Siggi has been a long-time member of the Club and has been involved in just about every aspect of it.



Jeff Burns, Trustee

Jeff was raised on Long Island but moved to Colorado in 1969 at the age of 28. For the first 15 years he rode dirt bikes all over Colorado, Utah and even raced Barstow-to-Vegas once. As a million-mile Volvo guy once said on Good Morning America when asked what his favorite road was, he replied, “Any road west of Denver.” Correct! Jeff rides a R1200RT.



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