BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado

BMW MCC Merchandise

2021 Passbagger Ride Book

The new BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado Pass Bagger Book is now available. The colorful 98-page spiral-bound book is printed in the same 5 ½ by 8 ½ inch size and style as the annual “Ride Book”. It includes descriptions and photos of the 254 passes, gaps, and summits that count toward the BMW MCC Pass Bagger quest, a section on mapping and resources, lists showing the names, coordinates, and ratings of all the sites, the history of the Pass Bagger, the Pass Bagger rules, an index, and more.

The price of the book is $20, which includes USPS shipping. Payment can be made online here. Or mail your name, mailing address, e-mail address, and a check for $20 payable to “BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado” to BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado, PO Box 742, Morrison, CO 80465.

Club Merchandise from LL Bean

The BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado has a business relationship with the popular L.L. Bean Company of Maine to provide club merchandise.  The Board has approved two logo facsimiles for use on virtually all LL Bean merchandise and paid the fee to convert these samples into logos that LL Bean can apply to member purchases. There is a nominal fee charged to you when you request a logo to be affixed to their merchandise.  If this program proves to be popular and with Club Member input, additional logo forms may be added in the future.

The two current logo options (note, each logo is available in light or dark print depending on the contrast needs for your purchase choice) appear below.  Remember, these logos are not limited to shirts or hats, they can be affixed to most of LL Bean's merchandise.


There are currently two options on how to make a purchase. One is to call LL Bean at (800) 554-4071. Before placing the call, either use an LL Bean catalog or go to their web site, make your merchandise selections, and note the LL Bean item number(s) and color choices before placing the call to facilitate the purchase. If you do not have a personal account with LL Bean, that will be your first task. Then, inform the phone agent that you are a member of BMW MCC, Club Account Number 5535661259 for this program. Tell the agent what items you wish to purchase referring to their Item Number and color choice (and size if relevant) and which logo you want on that item using the design numbers shown above. They will help you select light or dark print to afford the best contrast.

The other option is to use LL Bean's Business website. The process will be very similar as described above under the phone option except, instead of answering agent questions, you will select menu box options or type in our logo design numbers and confirm delivery and credit card addresses and fill in the purchase payment options.

Once your order is placed, you will receive a series of three e-mails from LL Bean. The first will immediately require you to confirm the purchase as listed in the e-mail. Later, you will get a facsimile with the Logo to approve or modify (size, color, and location). Finally, you will get a pre-print e-mail to approve the final look. The purchase(s) will then be printed and shipped to you at the address you set up in your account.

Logo options:

The Club logo with the "C" and "BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado" has been designated as design number 172677 by LL Bean (Green shirt above).

The Club logo with the mountains is logo design number 172740 (Blue shirt above).

[NOTE: It is possible to affix Club logos to merchandise available on the regular consumer LL Bean website, including some sale merchandise. The advantage of using the Business LL Bean web site is that those merchandise selections have been pre-screened for quality and logo locations typically sought by business customers.]