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Pass Bagger

BMWMCC members can choose to register for our very popular Pass Bagger quest which will encourage riders to travel some of the most scenic and fun roads in the state of Colorado, taking them to places they might not have otherwise seen. (Non-members also can also register for the Pass Bagger if they do it at the same as they register for the Top ‘O The Rockies Rally .)  The idea is to ride to the summit of a Colorado pass, photograph your motorcycle in front of the sign identifying the pass, then accumulate and submit those photographs for awards at the 50, 100, 150, 200 or 250 pass levels.  These are self-directed rides done at your own pace and can be spread over several years.

After registering for the Pass Bagger 50 and paying the $50 fee you will then be able to download the detailed rules, a ride log sheet and a completion form and then begin bagging passes. An additional $50 registration fee is required for each of the other Pass Bagger levels.

Pass Bagger Awards

Those who successfully complete a Pass Bagger level are given level-specific awards and special recognition on this web page, in our monthly In The Wind newsletter and at our monthly Club meeting.

Passbagger Finishers

Congratulations to these BMWMCC Members for Bagging Passes!

Randy Bishop

50 Passes     2006
100 Passes   2007
150 Passes   2013

Walter Buckholtz

50 Passes     2009

Jeff Burns

50 Passes     2012

Judy Bygott

50 Passes     2011

Cathy Catrell

50 Passes       2012
100 Passes     2014

Rochelle Chartier

50 Passes     2011

Scott Chew

50 Passes     2005

Bob Coen

50 Passes     2007

John Coker

50 Passes     2012
100 Passes   2013

Troy & Bonnie Corrigan

50 Passes     2007

Greg DeWitt

50 Passes     2009

For more information please contact

Randy Bishop, Pass Bagger Coordinator  | 303-284-0443  | passbagger@bmwmcc.org

Carl Thomte  | 303-753- 6652  | rcarloski@msn.com