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Top O’ The Rockies Rally General Information

The town will be watering the park grass up until the evening before the rally.  Camping is allowed starting at 8 a.m. on Thursday July 20, 2017. By town ordinance and for everyone’s safety, NO GLASS IS ALLOWED in the tent & playground areas.  There are State & National Parks nearby for those wishing to arrive earlier or leave later. Sherpa Packer will have tents for rent that will be set up and ready for campers. Contact Theo to make your reservation.

All showers will be open 24 hours starting Thursday afternoon until Sunday at 10 am.  Locations: There are a limited number of showers at the Ellen (Hansen) Smith Teen Center. There are additional showers at the High School approximately 3/4 mile from the Rally site.

No bikes on the grass in the tenting area of the park. Please park along the streets around the rally site.

You may bring your pet to Paonia Park on a leash.  Please extend the courtesy of cleaning up after your pet and limiting disturbing behavior. Kennels | Veterinarians

Various youth groups will sell breakfast in the Ellen (Hansen) Smith Center. Vendors will be providing lunch, supper & snacks as well. There will be coffee, iced tea, and other beverages and snacks available, some at no cost, others for a donation.

Various youth groups will be selling breakfast at the Ellen (Hansen) Smith Center.
SATURDAY DINNER Included with registration. Meal ticket required. Served 4:30 to 6:00 pm.
SHIRTS The finest rally t-shirts, including the official 2016 rally shirt, are available at the Club t-shirt tent. There is also a limited supply of hats, club decals, patches, pins, and license plate frames.

Saturday, 1:30 – 3:30 p.m., in front of the grandstand. Sign up at Registration. You will need to sign a Release and Waiver of Liability form to participate in the Field Events.

Sign up at Registration for any award for which you feel eligible such as longest ride, oldest, youngest etc. You must be registered to be eligible for any award. The Judge’s decision is final.

You must deposit the registration packet tickets in the buckets of your choice at Registration. Ticket number matches the number on your wristband. Drawings start at 4 p.m., Friday and end Saturday at 4 p.m., except for grand prizes that will be drawn at the Closing Ceremony. Winning numbers will be posted near Registration. You must claim door prizes before 4 p.m. Saturday, or unclaimed door prizes will be forfeited. You must be present at the Closing Ceremony to claim any major door prizes.

The Beer Garden will be opening on Thursday afternoon.

No hook-up’s is available at the east side of the elementary school, 1/2 block west of the park; and RV parking is also available at the high school quiet camping area (no hook ups) with showers & restrooms inside the high school.  Please park on the Northeast side of the school. Check Paonia Lodging for private RV Parks nearby.

(970) 874-2015 (Delta County Sheriff Dispatcher) or Bob Bushta cell (970) 424-6369.

For those of you with gadgets, bring ’em. We have multiple outlet charging stations for your batteries and high speed wi-fi in the park provided.

Ok, don’t forget to register! Then shut down the computer, go out to the garage, and start packing your bike!

Rally Master

Matt Baroody   |   TopOTheRockies@bmwmcc.org    |   720.560.3784